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About Bufa

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BUFA Cooperative Society Ltd began as an Association in 1999 that was formed by individuals who were engaged in various fish trade activities in Busia Fish market on individual basis. However, working individually was challenging as the fishmongers could not benefit from economies of scale like purchasing fish in bulk from the landing sites and cost sharing transport costs, lobbying local government councils for better services or even developing the fish supply chain.



BUFA Cooperative Society Limited

Is a registered Cooperative Society under the Cooperative Societies Act, CAP 112 of the Laws of Uganda and is owned by 610  members who are primarily engaged in various aspects of the fish supply chain Categorized as; Market fish mongers , Fish Agents/traders , Bicycle vendors/ distributors, Vessel Cleaners , Off loaders and Fish counter

BUFA Cooperative Society Ltd began as Busia Fish mongers Association (BUFA) in 1999 that was formed by individuals who are engaged in various fish trade value chain and also ice flake manufacturing with its brand new state of the art snow key machinery in Busia District of Eastern Uganda. Its offices are located in the main fish market in Busia municipality.

Planned Activity

BUFA is seeking funds from MGF to cost share for the management and governance training in the fish supply chain for the leadership of the cooperative. Bufa over the years has grown to become a multi-billion cooperative business that needs to streamline its responsibilities especially the leadership in order to effectively manage and govern the cooperative according to the well set systems, policies, roles and responsibilities.

A total of 90 key leaders that will include the board, management, staff, key group leaders, supervisory, audit, procurement and quality assurance committee members, fish market, leadership of the fish mongers/traders, youths leaders all holding leadership positions in BUFA will be trained in three sessions of 15days each.

Timing of the Activity

The training activity will take 45 working days to accomplish with each session having 30 members to be trained.


BUFA with the help of MGF undertook a feasibility study on the expansion and acquisition of another ice flake machine, the study was presented to UDB for funding which actually the bank funded and now the flake manufacturing plant is fully operational, this has fulfilled the objective of BUFA to have enough ice to preserve its members fish from the various landing sites to Busia market enroute to Kenya.

However, with the operationazation of the new ice plant the cooperative business has grown to become a multibillion enterprise with leaders eager to control its resources even if it’s not their responsibility as stipulated in the cooperative law. It’s from this background that the leadership of BUFA will be trained in good governance and management skills, set up a clear policy and guideline of key responsibilities of the board, management, staff and the other key leaders. The training also will include financial management, enterprenual skills, business improvement techniques and an in-depth training in good fish value chain practices with emphasis on preservation of fish.


Our Goals and Objectives

To promote income generation,

investment and sustainable livelihood through fish trade and agricultural marketing;

To avail affordable and convenient credit facilities to members;

To enable members to operate in a clean and healthy environment;

To enable members to operate in a clean and healthy environment;

Preliminary Work Done

  • Invested over 1 Billion in the cooperative.
  • Hired Agro plan Uganda to undertake the management training.
  • Mobilized funds to fund the activity
  • Leaders have agreed to attend the trainings
  • Procured another 15ton ice flake machine
  • Have identified suitable venues to undertake the training.


  • Acquisition of good governance practices like maintain set vision, mission and values of the cooperative society.
  • Establish clear polices, strategy, guidelines of roles and responsibilities of the leaders at various hierarchy structure of the cooperative society.
  • Training of trainers
  • Enhancement of democratic participation and accountability amongst leaders.
  • Leaders after the training will be making better decisions on behalf of members.
  • Establishment of systems, procedures to govern organizational activities including board, management, supervisory committees, staff and volunteers.
  • Improved morale and team work hence high production.
  • Acquisition of better fish handling and preservation practices.
  • Acquisition of quality management systems along the fish value chain.
  • Enhancement of financial and business management skills.
  • Practical book keeping and record management skills.



  • Activity training manual
  • Proof of payments like cheques or RTGs
  • Daily attendance lists
  • Training manuals/training materials
  • Photographs of trainees
  • Daily attendance lists.
  • Original invoices and receipts
  • Activity completion report.

ADDRESS:          P.O.Box # Busia, Uganda

PHONE NO:        +25670 2 169 385

EMAIL:                 info@bufa.com