Location,P.O.Box 21, BUSIA, UGANDA
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Ice Flakes Plant

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Production of Ice Flakes

A sheet of ice 2-3 mm thick is formed by spraying water on the surface of a refrigerated drum, and scrapping it off to form dry sub-cooled flakes, usually 100-1000 mm2 in area. In some models the drum rotates against a stationary scrapper on its outer surface; in others the scrapper rotates and  removes ice from the inner wall of a double walled stationary drum.

In some models the drum is horizontal, but more usually it is mounted vertically. No water is sprayed on that part of the drum immediately before the scraper , so that the ice becomes dry and sub cooled prior to removal.

Refrigerant temperature, drum or scraper speed, and degree of sub cooling  are all variable with in design limits so that the capacity of the ice maker and the thickness of the ice can be altered.

Typical refrigerant temperature in a flake ice machine is – 20 to – 25 C , lower then in most other types of ice maker, to give rapid cooling and thus make the machine compact. The low operating temperature requires more power, but this is to some extent compensated for by the absence of a need to defrost.

The plant is located in Busia Municipality in Eastern part of Uganda. Busia  town right at the border with Kenya and one of the two  main  transit routes linking the port of Mombasa to Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Southern Sudan.

The other access route is Malaba town which is about 20 KM North of Busia Town.

ADDRESS:          P.O.Box # Busia, Uganda

PHONE NO:        +25670 2 169 385

EMAIL:                 info@bufa.com